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For Believers is our partner in crime when it comes to finding the perfect export companies! Frenzy understands our needs and wishes and has found strong partners for us. We can highly recommend working with For Believers :) - Jeffrey Heerkens U.S.P. Fashion BV – Catwalk Junkie & Kultivate

Live 3D printing @ GDS

Imagine that in the future you could download 3D shoe design files, adjust them to your digital foot scan and print them out, including a fully functional electrical circuit with wifi, so your shoe can help you find the way home or prevents you from falling. Far fetched? Maybe not! Slem  will show you the latest developments in 3D printing, scanning and wearable technology throughout Hall 3 at GDS in Dusseldorf fromJuly 29-31. This Digital Craft Highlight Route shows how far we...

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Fashion meets technology: the stainless shirt

As fashion and technology are inventing new ways to congregate, futuristic fabrics have been in development for some time now. Fashion startup Dropel Fabrics wants to close the gap between everyday clothes and wearable technology. The six-month-old company has set out to  integrate its hydrophobic textiles — which allow spilled liquids to roll right off the fabric — into the production cycles of popular retailers and up-and-coming designers. Dropel isn’t the only h...

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Three key ways that wearables can change lives

Unless you spent the past month underneath a rock, you have probably heard enough buzz surrounding the Apple Watch’s unveiling to last a lifetime. Apple’s foray into the smart watch space is just the latest indication that the wearables market is forcing its way into the mainstream. Recent research from Business Insider projects that the number of wearable units shipped globally will rise from just 33 million in 2015, to 148 million by 2019. Read more  ...

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